H. Weber: Church bells should be used


Recently, I read in the Sun Journal that the bells from the former St. Louis Church in New Auburn are now safe and will not be sold out of state. I think they should be returned to their former place in the church tower.

The church is now owned by a group of five investors, not the Catholic Church. They could look into returning the bells to the building. Then, let them ring out the vesper time; let people come and ring them for a donation that would help pay for some needed repairs to the building.

I am from Berlin, Germany. I lived through World War II and the blockade of Berlin. We received the Freedom Bell from America and placed it in the Rathaus Schoneberg and, at 6 p.m. by way of radio, we heard the bell ring, as well as all the local church bells. Then we knew and the power and gas was turned on again (the power plant was in the East sector of Berlin).

Here in Wilton, there are churches, but I don’t hear the bells ringing. Bells were used to tell the time of day in the small towns of Germany. Not everyone had a wristwatch. When we worked in the fields, the bells let us know when it was dinner time.

I think that when people in Auburn hear those bells again, it would help them remember things, such as when family was still around, and bring peace … peace within one’s self.

Heidi Weber, Dryden