A. Hall: Beware of the real agenda


Pete McKeown nailed it with his letter (Sept. 25) on the dirty little secret underlying the anti-hunting referendum question on this year’s ballot. The Humane Society of the United States, PETA and their wealthy eco-elite cronies have as their stated goal the abolition of hunting — period.

If Question 1 becomes law, my guess is that HSUS/PETA’s next step will be banning trapping, then bird and rabbit hunting using dogs, followed by moose hunting.

People who fish but don’t hunt should not be feeling smug  because they will be in HSUS’ sights in due time. Catch-and-release as an inhumane torture of fish for the fun of the angler?

It’s coming, make no mistake about it.

How ever people vote, they must be absolutely clear when they step into the voting booth that they understand that Question 1 is the first step in banning hunting and fishing, period. I hope voters won’t let the cynical, wealthy, elitist PETA and HSUS officials play them for fools.

People should not vote “yes” unless they genuinely want hunting banned.

Andrew Hall, Lewiston