Hard work, experience


Imagine what shape this city will be in if right-wing radicals, funded by  corporate vultures who work tirelessly to take away people’s choice and opportunities, win Nov. 2.

That’s what Paul LePage would mean to Maine.

Mainers have a choice between a party that has gone to the extreme right to win primaries and someone who has a proven track record of working across the aisle to get things done.

Despite a worldwide recession, Libby Mitchell has balanced Maine’s budget, trimmed state government by $1.5 billion and consolidated agencies, resulting in more than a thousand fewer state workers, all the while protecting seniors, children and education, and simultaneously investing in the state. The result is one of the best credit ratings in the nation.

Because of Mitchell’s hard work and experience, Maine is, in the words of Eliot Cutler, “poised for the greatest turnaround of any state in the country.”

Walter Morrissette Hill, Lewiston

Chairman, Androscoggin County Democratic Campaign Committee