Harriman presents awards


AUBURN – Harriman Associates of Auburn recently recognized nearly 50 employees at a recent service awards banquet at Martindale Country Club in Auburn. Several staff members of Harriman Associates were recognized for 5 to 40 years of service.

Shirley Travers was given an award for 40 years of service; Darryl Johnson, associate, was recognized for 35 years of service, and Patricia Gilbert and Daniel Robbins, associate, were both given awards for 30 years of service.

Edward Cormier, P.E., president of the firm; Philip Morrissette, P.E., principal; Clifton Greim, P.E., principal; Erik D.W. Greven, P.E., principal; Michael Polley; and Richard Marchessault, were all given awards for 25 years of service.

Those recognized for 20 years of service were Michael Dixon, Daniel Fournier, Steve Garman, and Kenneth Rand.

Recognized for 15 to 19 years of service were Sandra Chamberlain; Frank Crabtree, P.E., associate; Raymond Marchessault; Per Randby; Lisa Stevens, CPSM, associate; and John Tarr, P.E., associate.

Those recognized for 10 to 14 years of service were B. Keith Brenner, P.E., associate; David Brown, P.E.; Daniel Cecil, AIA, principal; Jeffrey Cormier, P.E.; Patrick Costin, AIA, principal; Steven Florenz, P.E.; Mark Lee, EIT; Jeffrey Luy, AIA, associate; Edward Mushlit, Penny Myrick; David Richard and Janet Sullivan.

Harriman Associates provide architecture and engineering design services for education, government, commercial, retail and health care clients throughout New England from offices in Auburn, Portland and Portsmouth, N.H.