Harrison fireworks delayed by weather


HARRISION – Opening night of Old Home Days was supposed to end with a bang, but bad weather on Wednesday scuttled the planned first-night fireworks.

“We canceled the fireworks. They’ve been postponed to Saturday night,” said Chris Malloy, an organizer of the four-day event.

While many may have been disappointed at the lack of fireworks Wednesday night, that didn’t stop the hundreds of people who turned out in near-perfect weather the following night to enjoy the 80-year-old tradition at Crystal Lake.

“I like to go on the slide,” said 7-year-old Breahna Jenkins as she munched on an onion ring before heading out for the rides. Her sister Amber, 9, was hoping the hang glider ride was available, but if not, she was ready to get a ride on the swinging strawberry.

More people are expected to come this weekend as the Grand Parade steps off Saturday at noon and proceeds up Main Street to Calvary Community Church. The delayed fireworks will follow later, set off from the middle of Crystal Lake at dusk.

The event, started in 1923 and discontinued in 1967 for 10 years, brings thousands of people to the downtown park for fun, food and festivities.

Money raised by Harrison Old Home Days is used by volunteer organizations for community projects including local schools, libraries, Boys and Girl Scouts, the Harrison Recreation and Fire Department and Christmas for Kids.

Organizers said the event has raised about $105,000 over the past 30 years.

Tonight’s activities begin at 6 with a Junior Parade. Children will either walk, ride their bicycle or trikes, pull wagons and floats or push doll carriages. There will be prizes for participants and winners of the four categories will be asked to participate in Saturday’s Grand Parade. This year the theme of the Grand Parade is “Farming Through the Ages.”