Harry who?


LEWISTON – There have been reports around the country of people lining up not just for hours but for days in order to secure a good seat to the new Harry Potter movie.

Media footage shows people out in lawn chairs at the front of cinemas in anticipation of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” which opens today. Some have been in line since Monday.

Harry Potter hysteria is upon us.

But not in Lewiston.

At Flagship Cinemas on Lisbon Street, there was no commotion in front of the building by nightfall. Two hours later, there were small knots of people near the theater but they were not interested in the bespectacled hero and his battle with the Ministry of Magic.

They were arriving to see other movies or just leaving the theater after earlier shows. Harry Who and the Order of What?

At Flagship, the marquis announced that doors would open at 11:50 p.m. for crowds interested in the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. Less than two hours before showtime, there was no pushing and no shoving at the doors.

Some people bought tickets earlier in the day and apparently saw no reason to rush the cinema. The movie will also be shown Wednesday afternoon when bigger crowds are expected.