Hartford OKs long-term plowing contract


HARTFORD — Selectmen finalized the wording of a new nine-year contract for snowplowing, hoping the long-term arrangement will encourage contractors to invest in equipment that will be effective and efficient.

Among the provisions in the documents are:

• Three $1 million insurance policies to cover commercial general liability, automobile accident liability and employee liability per worker, per event.

• Proof of insurance.

• A performance bond equal to 100 percent of the contract price and provide it to the town before Oct. 15 of each contract year.

• The right for the road commissioner and selectmen to inspect road maintenance operations and notify the contractor of any problems.


• Radio communications in all three trucks.

• Plow wings and sanders for each of the three trucks for each storm. This includes a required wheeler or large truck to carry more sand and salt.

In discussing setting the budget for the year, Selectman Jack Plumley said he wanted to keep it as close to last year’s amount as possible. That would involve making cuts of at least $24,000, he said, because the town will be getting $14,000 less from the state.

Town Clerk Lianne Bedard said the state’s figure has not been set.

“We have bills to pay and that may mean raising taxes to pay those bills,” Selectman Lee Holman said. She suggested there were many budget meetings left to find savings, and perhaps another source of revenue could be found for the town.

The board voted to examine revenues and present the Budget Committee with a request to hold the budget to last year’s amount as much as possible.

In another issue, Plumley told Code Enforcement Officer Bill Kennedy to bring any code violations to the selectmen before going to the Planning Board.