What is a hate bias workshop?


What is a hate bias workshop? That is a common question for the people who haven’t attended one. I want to explain to you what it really is and what we do there.

The first thing we do is talk about what actually happens in our school. Everyone had something to say about what they see happening. We made lists of things we hear people call each other that could be offensive. We were really surprised at how many people you could be offending when you call someone a name.

Then was our favorite part, lunch time. The Bates cafeteria has great food. They have everything from pizza to cereal, including ice cream. We even had our own special section blocked off where we could sit. It was a great lunch.

In the afternoon, we talked about how we could prevent bullying and harassment in our school. The meeting gave us some new ways to help fight bullying.

This training is essential for eliminating bullying because the students are the ones who hear and see it. Typically, teachers do not see what goes on with bullying. With kids being trained to spot and fight bullying, they can make a huge difference in the school.