Not a hate group


I believe it is time for the people of America to wake up. ObamaCare will run your life. During the next few years, the new health care bill promises to place extra strain on doctors and hospitals. It mandates that everyone be insured or else pay a fine.

President Barack Obama said illegal immigrants will not get health care under the new legislation, but once the immigration reform bill passes (and it will), 12 million illegal immigrants will get health care.

There are people who would call people like myself part of a racist hate group, but we are regular people who are mad at our government. The Tea Party Express National Tour has people from all parties.

It’s time for people out there to open their eyes and ears, and stop the far-left, radical liberals, such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and stop the real radical hate groups. Those people are truly dangerous.

Voters will have their say in November when Democrats will lose seats because of the socialist health care and immigration reform.

We need to stop the secular, socialist machine.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston