Hazardous material collection June 11


RUMFORD — A collection of household hazardous materials will be held Saturday, June 11, at the Region 9 School of Applied Technology on Route 2 in Mexico.

The hours are 9 a.m. to noon.

Private businesses are excluded from the collection.

Examples of hazardous materials that will be accepted include cleaners, solvents, chemical lawn fertilizers, weed and insect killers, swimming pool chemicals, driveway sealers, rat poison, moth balls and rechargeable batteries.

If in doubt about what is considered hazardous, look for words on the product label that say poison, danger, corrosive, toxic, volatile, flammable, caution or warning. Latex paint will not be accepted because it is water based and is not hazardous.

Materials brought to the collection site should be in the original, securely closed container, if at all possible. If the container is leaking, it should be placed in a bucket. Chemicals should never be mixed and people should not smoke or eat while handling or transporting hazardous materials.

The collection is made possible by a grant secured by the River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition. For more information, contact Patty Duguay at 364-7408.

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