Head up to camp


In his letter to the editor, published July 21, it is apparent that Normand Dostie is clueless with regard to the “Camp of Rock” summer program. It would have been in his best interest to do some research before making such statements and accusations.

That young group of students is comprised of various faiths, none of which includes devil worship.

The director of the program, Brian Gagnon, is also a music director at a Lewiston church. He also happens to be a wonderful young man, an asset to the Auburn school system, a great husband and father.

Learning music of any genre is an asset to one’s education. The camp has provided children with a great opportunity, enhacing their music reading, as well as improvisational and math skills, while working together in harmony as a team.

Those children are being taught a skill they can use their entire lives, and they are having fun doing it.

Music is like learning a new language. Perhaps Dostie should try it.

Colleen A. Poulin, Auburn