Health care reform


I am disappointed to see that the Republican Party is still objecting to health care reform, offering no solutions of its own. I think it has an obligation to actually put a plan forward.

While tort reform has been Republicans’ rallying call, it is a call to nothing. Twenty-seven states have malpractice caps and a study by the University of Alabama found that while it lowered malpractice insurance premiums by at least 17 percent, it had no effect on premiums paid by employers and the self-insured.

No, taking care of people is not in the Republican creed. Their priorities are economic progress accomplished through business growth. This is not a bad goal, but sometimes business must be reined in by the government because what is best for it may not be what’s best for us all. One only needs to look at the mess the banking industry caused to see that greed is not always good.

Some say that socialized medicine is evil, but is it? Go to any country with socialized medicine and I dare anyone to find a story about how their system is faulty or how their government has ruined health care. Most of their citizens are happy with it, and the World Health Organization’s numbers show they are better off.

I will leave with this thought: The United States ranks 33rd in the world for infant mortality. It ranks lower than 32 other nations, including Cuba.

Jason Theriault, Auburn