Heard on the Street: Voters weigh in on governor’s race


The question: Who will you be voting for in the Maine governor’s race and why?

Richard Girardin, 56, of Lewiston.
“In my view, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. They are all pretty much selected before the election. By that I mean they have to be pretty willing to play ball with big corporations, or they don’t have much chance of winning.”

Voting for Mike Michaud.

“All of the social issues that are important to me, he is right on.”

Voting for Eliot Cutler.


“I consider myself a Democrat, but Michaud just has rubbed me the wrong way. He’s just coming across as a bully, in the debates.”

Voting for Mike Michaud.

“I like what he stands for. I like that he’s from Maine and I think LePage just needs to get out of office.”

Voting for Paul LePage.

“He is against abortion and is willing to protect religious freedom. That’s of very big importance to me and my family.”

Voting for Paul LePage

“I think he’s trying to do the right thing, although he’s going about it in a different way than most people would do. He’s going after welfare fraud. Abuse is rampant. He paid off the hospital debt and is paying attention to domestic abuse.”

Voting for Mike Michaud.

“I feel he has a plan to help Maine get out of the clear funk it is in. I think he is truly a progressive candidate, more so than the current governor.”

Reggie Arsenault, Mexico.
Voting for Eliot Cutler.
“(He’s) the only one with enough common sense to help smaller towns out after our revenue-sharing was robbed. I think he’ll be able to help us out in that way. I also think he’s the only one willing to get our school funding to 55 percent.”