Heartless people


For some time now, I have seen on television news people abusing poor, innocent animals.

What gives those people the right to do that?

I feel the people who abuse those poor animals (no matter, cats or dogs) should face serious consequences.

People don’t like to be abused in any way (such as starved, or being hit, or not being able to go to the bathroom to relieve themselves), so why do some people do that to animals?

If a human would hate such treatment, what about putting an animal through it?

To me, that is heartless and cruel. Such people have no conscience. They know they have control over the animals.


I hate people like that. Hopefully, such people pay a serious price for such heartless and painful conditions they put animals through. May they have bad luck for a long time until they get the message.

Animal cruelty is heartless and painful. Animals give love better than a person does, with no cost at all.

Cindy Neff, Auburn