Heartless state


The state of Maine doesn’t seem very considerate of native-born citizens. I know of a couple who have worked hard all their lives. They have paid their taxes and struggled to make ends meet throughout their married lives. Social Security is now their only income.

The wife’s mother fell ill during the last two years of her life. The couple took care of her during that time, thus avoiding nursing home expenses. The cost was about $13,000 – an enormous strain on their finances. But they are of the old school and don’t believe in handouts.

The Department of Health and Human Services is now claiming a charge of $10,500 be paid for MaineCare expenses for the deceased mother. The couple did not know that the expenses would not be paid for by the state.

Upon the mother’s death, a one-story, two-room cabin was willed to the four heirs. The other three heirs forfeited their share so that the couple could move into the cabin. The DHHS is taking bids on the cabin with the proceeds of the sale marked to pay off the debt.

Something is drastically wrong when a state government threatens two good, decent, hard-working and retired people with a loss of their home, when it seems so generous to immigrants.

This is heartless.

David Israelson, Livermore