Heat wave hits hard


We here at Leavitt Area High School have experienced a drastic change in the weather this year. In the past, there has been well over a foot of snow blanketing every inch of Maine by the end of January. This year, however, a so-called “heat wave” has hit many parts of Maine pretty badly including Leavitt. The extremely strange appearance of warm weather has caused some happiness and also displeasure among students.

Maine’s winter heat wave could have an effect on our vegetation. Marie Allen, a former teacher at Leavitt, explained, “There will be a concern with the effect that the warm weather is going to have on gardens. The plants will be confused and think that it’s spring too soon.” This could cause many gardens to be unsuccessful this year, which would have a negative effect on many people.

During the winter, many people spend their time riding snowmobiles, playing pond hockey, and skiing/snowboarding. All of these extracurricular activities and hobbies have been extremely difficult to participate in since we have gotten twice as much rain as we have gotten snow. KayAnna Beeckel, a member of Leavitt’s ski team, spoke with the Buzz about how the weather has affected skiing: “We’ve had extended dry land training. We also haven’t had many normal workouts, so we’re not getting the practice that we need and it’s hurting the team.” Matt Nash, who is one of the many students from Leavitt who enjoys riding snowmobiles and playing pond hockey, gave his thoughts about the weather: “If we’re not going to have snow, then I would rather have warm weather all the time.”

There have been some general views among the students about the increase in temperature. Shannon Swanson, a member of the Buzz, stated, “I like it and I wish it would be summer. It’s just a big tease because it snows again.” It has indeed been a very big tease. Over and over again we have gotten a good amount of snow, which is then washed away by rain. It has been a constant cycle of snow and rain. Other students blame everything on global warming. I don’t know what could be causing this heat wave. Could it be global warming or is Mother Nature just playing tricks on us? All that can be said is that this winter has been terrible for the ski season and other winter activities, but most people are enjoying it. Hopefully, this is going to be a permanent change for following winters.