Hebron to decide on plow truck options


HEBRON — Residents will make decisions on a 60-article town warrant Saturday, including questions on expenditures for town snowplows and the transfer station.

The annual town meeting will take place at 10 a.m. at the Hebron Station School. The term of selectman Richard Deans expires this year, and voters will choose a board members for a three-year term. Other three-year terms are open for treasurer and tax collector, road commissioner, Moody Library trustee, and Oxford Hills School District director. Residents will also elect a town clerk for a one-year term.

Another article asks if the Budget Committee terms should be changed from one year to three years. If approved, the terms would initially be staggered to have one one-year position, two two-year positions, and two three-year positions. If approved, the next three items will elect the committee members on these staggered terms.

The selectmen and Budget Committee are recommending a total of $195,000 be appropriated for the purchase of two new plow trucks. Of that amount, $135,000 would be used to buy a vehicle with a dump body with the capability to plow and sand roads as well as do spring and summer work. This truck would replace a 1999 vehicle. The article also says the town may choose to approve $60,000 for the purchase of a used truck or $25,000 to repair the existing vehicle.

The other plow item would appropriate $60,000 to purchase a 1-ton truck. This vehicle would plow and sand roads, perform minor road maintenance, and be used instead of personal vehicles by highway staff for work-related travel. The article says voters may also choose to approve $25,000 to purchase a used truck.

The warrant asks if the town will allow the selectmen to borrow or bond $46,000 to construct a new building at the transfer station. The building would eliminate the need for numerous existing buildings by establishing a truck bay and enclosed space for waste items that require special handling. Students from the Region 11 Technical School would provide labor to build it.

The town’s agreement for joint recycling and solid waste management of the Oxford County Regional Solid Waste Commission is expiring this year. The warrant includes an article to see if the town will replace the agreement with a new one to continue recycling in the town.

Other appropriation items include requests for $160,000 for the maintenance of winter roads, $75,000 for the maintenance of summer roads, and $42,000 for the fire department.

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