Hebron outdoor track and field 2017 preview


Coaches: Meredith Hanby, Bob Hanby, Jim Maldonis, Michael Ouelette.

Conference: MAISAD.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Emily Hemmings, Keniesha Pinder, Alaia Singh, Emily Town, Krissy Waite, Lily Xu; Juniors — Justin Bell, Guangsen He, Michael Tahiru, Ying Qiao Wang, Jason Zhou; Sophomores — Lily Irish, Kriish Parekh, Eliza Quinones.

Key losses: Ron Miller, Nick Legare, Olivia Berger, LilyBeth Meyers.

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Ryan Sullivan, Rivers Hinson, LJ Lucas, Marcus McBean; Juniors — Trevor Bell-Rogers, Ella Fields, Teemu Hukkanen; Sophomores — Shlok Bodke, Emma Skelton, Cara Hu Freshmen — Andy Wang, Gabe Randall, Daniel Chen, Ellena Frumiento.

Season outlook: The coaches are excited about this year’s team, with a strong work ethic combined with fast legs. The start of the season will be challenging due to weather conditions forcing them to spend most of the preseason indoors, but they are optimistic that by the middle of the season the Lumberjacks will be putting up fast times, high jumps and strong throws.