Highway foreman to work less hours until driver’s license restored


LIVERMORE – Selectpersons voted Monday to place several restrictions on the town’s highway foreman’s duties after he pleaded guilty on Feb. 26 to drunken driving.

Highway foreman Donald St. Laurent of Canton was arrested in October 2009 by state police while he was off duty.

St. Laurent told the select board Monday night during open session that he pleaded guilty to the charge, the board’s administrative assistant, Kurt Schaub said Tuesday.

He has kept the board up-to-date on the case since he was charged, Schaub said.

The board then went into executive session for 65 minutes before coming out and voting on a decision, he said.

St. Laurent has lost his Class C driver’s license for 60 days and his commercial driver’s license for one year, Schaub said.

The suspension of his regular license will end in mid April, Schaub said. It had been administratively taken away by the state earlier in February.

The board’s sanctions are that while St. Laurent has no regular driver’s license he’ll only work two days a week and do non-driving work, which includes acting as a laborer, until his Class C driver’s license is returned in mid-April, Schaub said.

While he has no commercial driver’s license his pay will be cut by $1.50 from the $17.48 an hour he normally makes, he said.

He will also be subject to an enhanced program for drug and alcohol testing, Schaub said.

Workers with commercial driver’s licenses are tested on a random basis and under these conditions, St. Laurent most likely will be tested more often, he said.

After St. Laurent’s regular driver’s license is restored, he will be able to drive the town’s two smaller trucks that do not require a commercial license.

St. Laurent told his crew about the situation on Tuesday morning, Schaub said.

“He has been upfront with us from the beginning,” Schaub said. “We appreciate that.”

He will continue as foreman for the town.

He will also use his earned, accrued compensation time to help supplement his income while he is working restricted hours instead of taking it off during the summer, Schaub said.

St. Laurent was promoted to highway foreman in July 2009. He has worked for the town for more than 12 years.

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