Historic building meets hysterical band May 26


The Half Moon Jug Band features Auburn resident Glen Bolduc

LOVELL – The Half Moon Jug Band is set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m., Friday, May 26, to perform a benefit concert at the historic “Brick Church” Center for the Performing Arts. A portion of the night’s proceeds will go toward the ongoing structural repairs to the 150-year-old building. Tickets are $7/$10 and can be purchased at the door. For more information contact the band at 650-7867 or Roberta Chandler of the Arts Center at 925-2792.

Built circa 1850, the church building is listed as one of Maine’s most endangered old buildings. It was used for more than a century as a place of worship. When the church in Center Lovell merged with the church in the Village to become the Lovell United Church of Christ, much of the activity moved to the church at Center Lovell. The Brick Church has not been used as a place of worship on a regular basis since the mid 1960s.

While it is in need of repair and restoration, it retains its simple classic beauty.

The Half Moon Jug Band is a four-headed monster of folk music whose live show resembles a runaway freight train plowing straight through a rubber chicken factory. They play banjos, guitars and mandolins, but don’t confuse them with a bluegrass band because they’ve also got a drummer and electric bass. They round out their sound with strong vocals, trumpet, kazoo and the occasional raspberry.

The band thrives on interaction with their audiences. They do whatever it takes to put on a show, studding every performance with jokes, stories and mandatory sing-alongs. No one gets out without singing. No one. They have deep roots in Maine and have accents, songs and squeaky rubber lobsters to prove it.