Historic duathalon planned for summer


LEWISTON — It’s being billed as a “duathlon of historic proportion” and yes, it’s a clever play on words.

A June 27 race organized by Museum L-A aims to give participants a workout — and to provide them with a view of the Twin Cities they probably haven’t seen before.

Those who run, and bike and then run again, will travel a unique course. It was specifically designed to bring them past the old mills, over the rivers and canals and through a landscape rich with history.

“We designed a course that really showcases our area,” said Jennifer Dube-Works, development director of the museum. “Everybody who has run it has said the same thing: They didn’t know this existed or that existed. They saw things they didn’t know were here. I’ve seen things I didn’t know were here, too.”

Called the LADU, the race will start and finish at Camden Yarns Mill, the future home of Museum L-A. With a course that weaves between Lewiston and Auburn, it will be the first such race to utilize the entirety of the Riverwalk.

And all along the way is history and culture.

“It’s an event that will connect the generations so that they can get a deep sense of who we are as a community,” Dube-Works said. “We’ve got all this heritage and history. We’ve got it all right here.”

The idea was conceived a year ago. Dube-Works had just returned from her first triathlon and wanted to do something similar here. She got in touch with the people of Tri-Maine, an event management company that specializes in triathlons.

Everyone involved looked around at potential course routes in Lewiston. All those textile mills, the canals and the river weaving through everything. The answer was obvious.

“We thought: Let’s do some kind of race event that would showcase who we are,” Dube-Works said.

The race will be broken into 3 miles of running, 14 miles of bicycling and another 3 of running.

The first course to be run meanders between Lisbon and Oxford streets, weaving in and around historic mill buildings. The bike route will take participants out River Road, to Ferry and Dyer roads before looping back again. The final course for runners moves into Auburn and back to Lewiston via Longley Bridge.

All participants will receive a guide and maps highlighting landmarks, neighborhoods and natural resources along the three routes.

In keeping with Museum L-A’s mission to connect the generations, a race for youngsters, the Textile Trot, will precede the main event followed by a family friendly race-expo and awards ceremony.

Winners of every five-year age group will get their names carved into history. Norm Davis and workers from Morin Brick will be on site with “green bricks,” which are bricks that have not yet been fired.

Category winners will carve their names and race time into the green bricks. Morin Brick will fire the bricks and one will be given to the athlete while the other will become a part of Museum L-A’s collection.

Money from entrance fees will be used for museum preservation efforts.

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For more information call 207-333-3881 or visit www.museumla.org/ladu/