Hockey show premieres at Brick church Friday


On Friday, August 3, at 7:30 pm, internationally famous storyteller Michael Parent will premier his brand new show, AA Beautiful Game, at the Brick Church for the Performing Arts in Lovell Village.

The “Beautiful Game” is a story about hockey, this funny and dramatic show is fascinating even for those who know nothing about the game.

Suitable for adults and for children who can listen like adults, the show is about parent’s youth in French-American Lewiston, where hockey was a general, even religious, obsession. The arc of the story takes Michael from an awkward childhood, struggling to learn to skate, to his community’s crowning moment, when the St. Dom’s team, on which Michael was goalie, won the New England championship, against heavy odds, at the Boston Garden.

Some listeners will love this story for its portrayal of hockey, some for its poignant insights into father-son relationships, some for its loving image of the Franco-American community. Its life lessons transcend sports.

This story delves into many lessons, the first about persistence in self-development, as Michael, a late-bloomer on skates, teaches himself privately, falling down repeatedly until finally he got it. It also teaches you how not to behave when you really mess up, shown by the humiliation that followed when Michael overreacted to a truly terrible goal scored by the other side. Other important lessons include how to support your teammates; ignoring teasing and taunting; and the importance of doing your best no matter what, and feeling proud of it.

Michael Parent, storyteller, actor, and writer, grew up near the textile mills in Lewiston. After living in Virginia for many years, he returned to Maine in 1998, and now lives in Portland, where he still plays hockey in an amateur league. Since 1977, he has performed in the U.S., Europe and beyond.

In 1999 he received the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Award.

Parent’s performance will take place at the Brick Church for the Performing Arts in Lovell Village at 7:30 pm on Friday, Aug. 3. Admission is $10; $5 for ages 12-16.

For more information, call (207) 925-2792.