No-Home Schooling

Homeless students, young and on their own

LEWISTON — Kendra Sprague, 17, spent a year sleeping on the kitchen floor of her grandmother's tiny, downtown apartment. "I used to live with my mom,” she said. She and her brothers moved out after her mother's boyfriend moved in. A... 4

Schools work to help young homeless students

LEWISTON — During a late winter day, a single mother and her 11-year-old daughter were staying at a local hotel with all their possessions. The woman, who asked not to be identified, was out of work. Evicted from her apartment last year, she started living with a relative's family in...

Tough childhood led student to home surf to home of her own

LEWISTON — Katelyn Hartzell, 18, should be a high school dropout, she writes in her college essay. Instead, she's a senior at Lewiston High School...

One family's journey from foreclosure to homelessness back to home ownership

LEWISTON — There were mornings last year when Anita Roundy was so scared and sad, she'd drive to the Walmart parking lot to sit and cry. “My car was my little house,” the mother of five said. For four months last year she, her husband of 21 years, Curtis, and their... 1

New Beginnings helps youth get off the streets

LEWISTON — These days Michael Casey, 20, has a job at McDonald's, lives with a roommate and pays his own rent. Life wasn't always this good for him. “If I didn't have these programs I'd still be sleeping in a Dumpster,” he said at the New Beginnings drop-in center ...