‘Homemade awesomeness’ offered at Canton board meeting


CANTON — A few minutes before the Canton selectmen meeting began on Thursday night, a cute little girl boldly walked up to the board table and plunked down some delectable-looking cooking.

When asked what it was, she replied with a big grin of pride, “Homemade awesomeness!”

I haven’t covered Canton selectmen meetings for years, so I wasn’t sure if this was some kind of children’s catering service or just a future chef getting some practice. No other selectmen’s meeting I cover has ever had anything like this happen.

I asked Chairman Donny Hutchins who the girl was.

He smiled and said she is his 11-year-old daughter, Jordan Hutchins.

Jordan brought a full plate of peanut butter cookies, each topped with one Hershey’s Kiss chocolate.

“Awesomeness!” Jordan Hutchins said from the back of the room.

Once the meeting began, Donny Hutchins offered the cookies to the small audience.

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The ‘other big guy’ on Christmas Day

PERU — After letting several kindergarten students run off some energy inside the gym on Friday afternoon at Dirigo Elementary School, a teacher lined them up to take them to a photography session.

To keep them occupied until the photographer was ready, the teacher tried to teach them some math using days of the week. She told them when they would be in school and what days they’d have off before their two-week Christmas vacation.

“Two weeks from yesterday, who is the big, heavyset guy who will be coming to your houses?” she asked.

One wide-eyed little boy, with a look of disbelief spreading quickly on his face, asked incredulously, “My dad?”

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