Homeowner chases burglars


AUBURN – A man who interrupted an apparent burglary at his home Wednesday chased the suspects in his car as they fled the scene, police said.

The man saw the suspected burglars at the rear of his Witham Road home when he arrived around lunchtime. They jumped into a van and fled, crossing the bridge into Lewiston. They ditched the van in an alleyway behind Schemengee’s Billiards off Water Street, then disappeared.

Police secured the van, towed it and were seeking a search warrant Wednesday afternoon, said Detective Chad Syphers.

The van hadn’t been reported stolen as of 4 p.m., Syphers said.

Police did not release the name of the homeowner, nor did they identify the items taken during the apparent burglary. Police did not say how many suspects they were seeking, except that there was more than one.

The man who chased the van called police from his car on his cell phone during the pursuit, Syphers said.