Homeowner shoots at possible burglar


OTISFIELD – Early Tuesday morning, police investigated what looked like a home break-in, but with only a shadowy burglar and just a few clues.

But the noises and the shadows alarmed the homeowner enough that he shot twice at what he thought was the intruder, once through a door and once through a wall.

Police responded to the home of David and Madeline Houston at 998 Bolsters Mill Road about 12:30 a.m., officials said Tuesday.

According to a Maine State Police report, the homeowner was awakened by a noise downstairs. Knowing his shotgun was on the first floor, David Houston grabbed a pistol and went to check on the noise.

When he thought he heard the shotgun click, he shot through a door, and then when he thought he saw the shadow of someone running, he fired again, hitting the wall, state police Lt. Kevin Conger said.

No one was struck or injured. Police continue to investigate the case.

A tracking dog did not turn up any clues, Conger said.

“There was no sign of forced entry, but there were a couple of things downstairs that appeared to have been moved,” Conger said.

Those items included the man’s shotgun, which was on the floor, and a purse with its contents dumped out. A couple of drawers were open as well.