Honest and trustworthy


Terry Hayes has earned my vote.

Since she has been serving as District 94 legislator, she has proven herself to be more than worthy of the office.

Honest: If she can’t help, she gets information or directs me elsewhere.

Trustworthy: She does what she says she will do, such as get information on weatherization programs.

Courageous: She submitted the Voluntary Sales Tax Increase Proposal, renamed the Voluntary Safety Net Fund, because she believed in it, though it was risky with the word tax included.

Communicative: “News from District 94” keeps me informed of what she is doing in Augusta, in the community, in the district, and is available to all constituents.

She also moderates the Hartford town meeting annually in a fair, informed and respectful manner.

Terry Hayes has earned my vote.

Lennie Eichman, Hartford