Hope Association holds fashion show


RUMFORD — The Hope Association hosted its semiannual fashion show Friday afternoon, showcasing clothing for sale at the What Not Shop.

Before the show began in the main hall of its building, the association’s glee club, led by resident Judy Mazza, sang several winter-themed songs for the audience, including “Let it Snow,” “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman.”

“We practice every Friday,” Mazza said. “Sometimes, we’ll go to sing and nobody will want to, and other times, I have people walking up from the crowds to sing with us.”

Immediately after the glee club performance, association clients dressed themselves in outfits and walked across the makeshift runway in the center of the room.

Resident Vicki Jamison was the disc jockey, introducing each group of participants and playing music for them to walk and dance to on the runway. Tunes included everything from country artist Alan Jackson to the popular South Korean pop artist Psy.

“We do the show twice a year,” client Mary F. Turnbull said. “Once in the summer and again in the winter. I love doing it.”

The show ended with Jamison inviting all of the participants to come onto the runway and dance to the final song: the country hit “Cruise” by Florida-Georgia Line.

The show is one of several events Hope Association has arranged to raise money to revive the Special Olympics program that has been dormant for nearly six years. 

Upcoming events hosted by the association include a fundraiser Friday, Jan. 25, featuring music from Joe the Music Man, and a snowmobile ride-in fundraiser Feb. 10.

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