Horror of a cold day


I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen. My concern is not for the children, or adults who might be exposed to a free range female breast.

No, my concern is for the women of all ages, participating in the march planned in Farmington on April 30 who will be exposed to the bile and nastiness (and possibly thrown rocks and trash) of those protesters who still think of the female breast as a sexual organ.

I’ve seen topless men on the street with bigger chests than some women and nobody swoons or complains (though maybe someone should) when they do it.

So, stop the march but stop it for the right reasons: To protect those marchers from the self-righteous indignation, slurs and epithets of people who themselves lack the courage, or desire to champion a lost cause.

Also, can you imagine the horror if it happens to be a cold day?

Ed McCaffrey, Rumford