Horse lover wants to help at stable


DEAR SUN SPOTS: I was wondering if there are any equine stables in the Androscoggin County area or nearby that would be interested in having somebody to help them with cleaning stalls, feeding horses, etc., on a volunteer basis this summer. The person is a novice and would have to be taught.

Also wondering if somebody in the area teaches healthy young children how to ride at reasonable rates.

Lastly, would anybody happen to have a sturdy card table he would be willing to sell? It is needed to do puzzles on. If so, please call 514-5159.

Thank you, Sun Spots. Your column is a wonderful community resource. — No Name via email

ANSWER: In addition to private stables, there are several horse rescues in the area that might welcome some extra hands.

The Sun Journal has had stories about Rockin’ T Equine Rescue (, 60 Edgecomb Road, Lisbon Falls, , 207-353-6581) and Double B Equine Rescue (, 997 West Mills Road, Industry, 207-778-6479).

Of course, many of the horses at rescues are not suitable mounts for beginning riders. Hopefully some local stables that offer lessons will email [email protected], so they can be listed in the column.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the letter on Jan. 18 about Goodwill accepting less-than-quality clothing and recycling it into rags and other products, I would be interested to know if this is a new policy for them.

I no longer donate to Goodwill after bringing in a large quantity of items and they refused more than half of it saying it didn’t meet their standards. These were not rag clothes. I now donate to the Salvation Army instead. — Diane via email

ANSWER: You didn’t say how long ago you had this experience so that Sun Spots could figure out whether the policy classifies as “new.” She first wrote about this topic in October 2012 if that helps.

The person Sun Spots originally spoke to about what Goodwill accepts is no longer with the organization, but the website ( notes that ratty old clothes and other material for Good Wipes (rags they sell) are still being accepted.

Perhaps you just had the misfortune to run into a new or uninformed employee? Any time a customers has an issue with any retailer, Sun Spots recommends asking to speak to the manager. Often the issue can easily be resolved.

Readers may not know that the money Goodwill raises goes to help those with mental disabilities.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The School Nutrition Programs of Lewiston and Auburn will be offering the Summer Food Service Program, which provides meals at no charge to school-age children between pre-K and 18 years of age.

This year, breakfast and lunch will be served weekdays starting mid-June through mid-August.

If you are running a summer program for school-age children, you may be eligible to serve those meals.

For more information about qualifications, please call your school nutrition office: Alisa Roman at Lewiston, 795-4106, or Paula Roullard at Auburn, 333-6658.

All meals must be eaten on the site, as participants are not allowed to remove food from the parks or playgrounds. — Jeanned’Arc “Jeanie” R. Giroux, administrative assistant, Nutrition Department, Lewiston Public Schools

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Your readers have been so generous in the past for requests for Holy Savior School in Rumford. I want to thank everyone for their continued support.

Holy Savior School is preparing for its fundraising calendar. In the past we have filled Longaberger baskets and given away a basket a day for a month. This spring we will be filling 31 bags for our calendar.

Anyone interested in donating new items for this fundraiser can contact me directly.

Any businesses that would like to fill baskets with their products or make a donation will get their business card copied onto the calendar as an advertising opportunity. — Jennifer DeMascio, [email protected], 207-364-2207

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