Hospital participates in conference


NORWAY — Stephens Memorial Hospital was selected to set up its example of an Alternate Care Site at the Augusta Civic Center on April 12 for a conference called “Creating Capacity when Beds and Health Systems are Full.”

The hospital was the only facility to set up a demo ACS at the statewide conference. Their example was chosen because the hospital was the only hospital in Maine to have set it up and run a drill, and one of only two in all of New England.

The hospital ran a drill September 2009, setting up an alternate care site at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in response to a mass casualty occurrence. A similar set up was used at the conference, but the set up was tailored to respond to a mass outbreak of illness such as pandemic flu.

The National Guard helped Michael Hatch, director of safety and security of Stephens Memorial Hospital, to move the site to the Civic Center. Hatch also facilitated a workshop on logistics during the conference.

Also at the conference, there were tools and strategies for implementing medical surge management, how to create an alternate care site and emergency management integration into health system response.