Huge profit margins


Greed is going to destroy the best country in the entire world. The oil companies gouge us at the pump every day. All in the name of profit! Not simply a reasonable profit, but a higher profit than they have ever had.

Americans sell our ports and send jobs overseas. Again, not for a reasonable profit but a very high profit by using labor that many Americans disapprove of: child labor.

Greed, greed, greed will destroy America. Soldiers give their blood. I pray every day the war was not mainly because of oil! The government gives away our money to some questionable places, and sadly we give our money as well with nearly all purchases we make. Perhaps there is not much we can do about our daily living habits concerning our purchases because of the way the world is. I don’t have the answer.

However, I do think that American-owned businesses and the government can do something to stop the huge profit margins. Does anyone in high places have any conscience when it comes to saying they are looking out for the American people as best they can?

Bernard Woodcock, Leeds