Hybrid cars as a solution


Many people are skeptical about it, but the truth is that global warming is happening around the world and humans are causing a large percent of it.

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been using fossil fuels to power machines. Now, nearly everything we consume, nearly every product we buy, and many of our daily activities involve the use of fossil fuels. We all contribute to global warming. Also, every time we drive a car, carbon-rich auto exhaust enters the atmosphere.

One of the possible solutions is hybrid cars.

One of the best things about them that help the environment is that hybrids are much cleaner cars, with less carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. They combine the clean energy of the electrical motor with the power of the gas-powered engine, which results in lower emissions and better mileage.

Many people might say that hybrids are too expensive, but there are purchase incentives for hybrid vehicle owners.

If we allow global warming to continue, there will be increasing flooding along the seacoasts. It will be very expensive for the whole country. Agriculture will be damaged because of changing patterns of temperature and precipitation. Farms will have to change and new irrigation systems will have to be built.


Rich countries can cope, but the huge expense will damage their economies.

All cars should be hybrids. This would give all the advantages of this vehicle to the general public. We wouldn’t have to rely on other countries so much for fossil fuels.

Zach Nicholson, Auburn