I see one community


I see Lewiston-Auburn as one community. Do the local merchants and businesses see one community in determining their business plans? Do organizations such as YMCA and Boys & Girls Club serve members from either city? Do the churches and religious organizations only allow members from one community? Do media organizations cater to residents from only one community? Do service groups like Rotary and Kiwanis seek members from only one side of the river?

I believe the answer to all of these is obvious — Lewiston-Auburn is seen as one community.

So just how are the two cities separated?

I see only one significant area — the governmental structure. Instead of two often competing governmental entities, I believe one structure would be beneficial for current and future generations.

As someone who has lived in both cities and been employed with both municipal governments, I see only one community and will vote for ONE LA.

Normand Lamie, Lewiston