Immigrants must be stopped


I am disgusted with the immigrant situation in this country.

Our forefathers immigrated, but they did so legally. They learned to respect the ways of this country and did not expect others to pay their way. They learned the language and made sure that their children did also. If you break the law, you must pay the penalty. We are not doing enough to stop people from coming here illegally.

I am not against legal immigrants, but I do not expect to have to support the illegal ones. We have to pay to have extra teachers, give them food stamps and give them free medical help. We support them with our taxes.

They say that they help the economy by buying products and working at low wage jobs, but they are doing that with our money.

The businesses that hire these people should be fined and penalized for hiring them when they are here illegally.

The march that they had on May 1 was terrible. Also, the media should not have been giving them all the publicity that they wanted on TV and in the paper.

Do we have to put up with immigrants who seem to have no respect for this country by taking the law in their own hands and coming here illegally? Let them do it the right way. The legal way.

I worry what kind of a country we have become and what are we telling our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Do not let them get off scot-free.

Gladys Dick, Lewiston