Not an ‘immigration crisis’


Immigrants are people who are coming to America because they love this great country of ours for the ideals for which it stands, namely freedom, liberty, decency and respect for human dignity.

They want to become Americans, learn and speak the English language and accept our traditions, culture and way of life.

They swear allegiance to their adopted new country and are willing to fight and die for it if necessary.

They are starting the process of becoming an American by going to their respective American consulates, applying for a visa and following the rules and regulations of the immigration procedures. Immigrants do not start their “path to citizenship” by breaking our laws.

Immigrants are not marching in the streets of America protesting for “immigrants’ rights.”

We are not facing an “immigration crisis,” we are having a national security problem of the first order, a wide-open border during a time of war with a total breakdown of control over who or what is coming into this country.

We elected our President George W. Bush, and our senators and congressmen to look out for the interests of the American people and to take care of this intolerable situation.

The upcoming elections will “wonderfully concentrate their minds,” as the saying goes.

Klaus D. Kuck, Lewiston