The importance of compromise


Last year, a majority of Rumford voters defeated the anti-wind ordinance that was presented to them by the Board of Selectmen. Selectman Jeff Sterling took the bull by the horns after that vote and, with the support of Selectmen Brad Adley and Mark Belanger, his Compromise Wind Ordinance will appear on this year’s ballot.

Those people who turned out last year to stop the anti-wind ordinance now must turn out again to vote “yes” to adopt the Compromise Wind Ordinance. (Question 2 under Ordinances.)

The new ordinance protects the residents of the area, while allowing the wind company to complete the project. This also allows local landowners to earn money for use of their land by leasing space for a tower and/or a transmission line. Local construction jobs will be created in the short term and maintenance jobs will be permanent. The project will also provide the town with much-needed tax revenue.

I congratulate Selectmen Sterling, Adley and Belanger for finding a compromise and showing that Rumford is open for business.

Arthur Boivin, Rumford