In verse: Maine places and people


Produced by Dennis Camire

This week’s poem by Patricia Smith Ranzoni is one section of a long cycle depicting Maine fall through spring. It was previously published in Ranzoni’s second collection, “Settling,” by Puckerbrush Press in 2000.


Another long (11)

By Patricia Smith Ranzoni


               Word of snow

From Greenville north. Rumford

And Cutler west and east. T.V. young-

sters forecasting weathers don sweaters

As for a fashion show they’d best

Dress right for.


Lay layers out in night-before ritual.

Thermal, thick, to wick away chill.

               Letters to editors

Debate the whys among those

Who remember those who don’t. Relying

On themselves for their families’ meat

The ones who remember why and how

Rise to hope, rigging themselves

In inherited outfittings, set out

Under dawn’s surrendering moon.

Before they return, shots will, dread-

ed and realized and received

With a reverent fear recognized only

By stock believing who they, still, are.

Others cry for same reasons.



A fine snow veil

  Settles through each view

    So even those who feel sure

      They know the way

        May not.


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