In verse: Maine places and people


Produced by Dennis Camire

This week’s poem is by Michalene Hague of Otisfield and of The Mountain Poets’ Society of Norway.



By Michalene Hague


Steep slope of boulders

Stumbling below calm quarry

Tumbles the footloose.


Always stones.


Scarred woodlots, skidder

Tracks – hewn plots and rutted paths

Root destination.


Always sticks.


Bowed crows dot mowed field,

Beaks bent to pasture secrets,

Quick to apprehend.


Always bones.


Pale horse hoofs at snow,

Breathing beige against still white,

Seeking sheltered grass.


Always licks.


Great blue heron sails

Across curving country road,

Gentling into marsh.


Always loam.


Main Street towns banked on

Rivers ribbon window walks –

Footsteps follow eyes.


Always bricks.


Dirt and gravel drives

Wind to vistas housed on hills –

Trees embrace the views.


Always home.


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