Increase recycling in Auburn


I have been watching the recent Auburn recycling saga with interest and anxiety. As a New Auburn resident, we have had to comply with the twice a month schedule which is confusing and unreliable. Our family of four is heavily involved in recycling and composting.

To have curbside recycling eliminated completely is a ridiculous plan. What kind of message does this send to our children, who are taught daily to protect and care for our planet?

My children are proud of our recycling family. Yes, we could and would bring our recyclables to a set location, but I fear that the low recycling statistics in Auburn would continue to fall as it would require so much more effort to follow through with recycling. Families without transportation would definitely not participate; neither would the elderly.

As much as I hate to have to pay to dispose of my trash (beyond my current high property tax), the idea of paying for bags is a reasonable option. That would force people to focus on what they do not and should not throw away. I have friends who live in Windham where this is currently done and they do not mind since they average 1 to 2 bags per week (50 cents) of trash, compared to full bins of recyclables.

I hope the Auburn City Council never considers eliminating curbside recycling. Let’s do our best to increase recycling in Auburn as role models to our children.

Renee Brezovsky, Auburn