Inspired by similar missions


As a Lewiston native, I am a lifelong reader of the Sun Journal. Over the years it has served as a vital means of keeping me abreast of what’s happening both here in the Twin Cities and far beyond, a function that I particularly appreciate in my new role as administrator for the Lewiston library’s new cultural learning center.

I recently clipped out eight different news items from a single issue of the paper. Only one dealt with a library-sponsored program. The remainder covered a range of local topics: the Basilica pipe organ, the Lewiston Education Fund, a Civil War lecture, a grange forum, an ethnic heritage group and enrichment activities for school children and Boy Scouts.

My job at the library is to facilitate an array of cultural arts activities which are accessible to all strata of our community. Every single one of the aforementioned news clips provided me with leads on potential programs, possible program participants and/or funding sources to support such activities.

The Sun Journal slogan is “Connecting you with your community.” The library’s cultural center, in turn, was envisioned as a venue for bringing people together to share in events which explore and celebrate culture and heritage – old and new, diverse and mutual – thereby forging a stronger sense of community.

How apt that these two neighboring institutions, inspired by similar missions, can partner so effectively to fortify existing community connections and nurture new ones.

Cynthia Larock, Lewiston