Instilling a work ethic


On Dec. 31, 1984, I started working at Sunday River Ski Resort as employee No. 252 of the 1,200 jobs Les Otten created; jobs that also stimulated the local economy. Within three months, I was managing the accounting department. Otten recognizes the potential in people and puts them in positions that maximize their potential. He also coached me into furthering my education so that I could grow with the company.

I also remember him working inside the septic tank one day to fix a problem with the sewer. He wouldn’t ask anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. He worked seven days a week, from daybreak to well into the night, instilling a work ethic in all of us that my late father would honor.

Creating jobs, stimulating economic growth, instilling productive work ethics and promoting education; that’s my personal experience with Les Otten. He has my vote.

G. Scott Mills, Rumford