Internships available for lake programs


AUBURN – Those interested in gaining real world experience while working to protect Maine lakes can apply for internships.

Interns will work with Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program staff and volunteers and as well as with Department of Environmental Protection biologists.

Learning opportunities as interns are potentially extensive. All interns attend special workshops that are designed to train volunteers to measure various aspects of lake water quality and to identify and take preventive measures against invasive aquatic plants.

Interns can become certified to collect water quality data in Maine. Maine DEP projects will require field work and assisting with special studies, including equipment preparation and deployment.

Resources available for independent study include expert staff and partnering organizations, such as the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, on relevant projects. As a staff member of a small nonprofit organization, interns may also assist with aspects of program administration, including scheduling, materials preparation and budget management.

Some 2007 projects include the monitoring program annual meeting, assisting with workshops, Woodbury Brackett Environmental Center activities, baseline water quality monitoring, ecological reserve inventory and invasive species monitoring and management.

All interns should be prepared to assist the permanent staff with routine administrative tasks, such as preparing volunteer information materials and data entry. The tasks are necessary for the successful training and education of volunteers in all areas of the program.

Those interested should contact the monitoring program with information concerning availability, area of interest and how they learned about the program. Call Jim Entwood, program coordinator, Maine VLMP, 24 Maple Hill Road, Auburn, ME 04210, [email protected] or 783-7733.