Interview with Ms. Gagnon


At the beginning of this year, every student waited patiently and anxiously to meet the new health teacher, “what will she be like?” they wondered. Now, it’s been over half the year and health class has overridden most other classes to become the student’s favorite period of the day!

I am here for an interview with Ms. Sarah Gagnon herself. She has been generous enough to answer the following questions.

Q – Miss Gagnon, what first inspired you to teach health, especially to seventh and eighth graders?

A – With a background in physical education, I have always had an interest in health related topics. Seventh and eighth grade happen to become available and I applied. Here I am today!

Q – What do you think is the most important message you want to teach to your students about health?

A – Health is a “choice!” Without good health, it is very difficult to meet your true potential.

Q – Did you like health class when you were in junior high?

A – I did enjoy health in seventh and eighth grade. My teacher made it fun to learn everyday.

Q – What’s your favorite part of teaching the seventh and eighth graders at Elm Street School?

A – How well students have adapted to my teaching style and have put forth a great effort as well as attitude towards health. This had made my first year at Elm Street nothing but great!

Q – Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A – There is no better place to teach, my students are awesome!

Ms. Gagnon is a wonderful teacher. Her teaching skills seem to stick with her students, allowing them to have fun as they learn. I’d like to thank her for taking her time to answer these questions. Elm Street School appreciates her!