Invasive insect survey Feb. 28 at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal


To volunteer to help check for invasive species in Bradbury Mountain State Park, contact Karen Coluzzi at [email protected] or 287-7551.

POWNAL — Trees at the Bradbury Mountain State Park Campground will be scrutinized by teams of volunteers and foresters on Tuesday, Feb. 28, for three invasive insect species.

The 10 a.m. to noon survey will be conducted by the Maine Department of Agriculture and the Maine Forest Service. The rain date is Thursday, March 1.

The groups will search for signs of the Asian longhorned beetle, the emerald ash borer and the hemlock woolly adelgid.

These species could threaten Maine trees and natural resources, entomologist and state survey coordinator Karen Coluzzi said in a report.

“Our hope is to find nothing but healthy trees,” Coluzzi said. “But, if any of these invasive insects are present, early detection is our best bet for containing them.”

The beetles and borers could reach Maine in wooden packing materials imported from overseas and in firewood moved from infested areas, she said.

The adelgid is already here, having been discovered in Freeport, which is adjacent to Pownal.

“Bradbury Mountain State Park is an ideal location to look for these insects, as it has a popular campground and the right host trees,” Coluzzi said.

The public is invited to participate in the survey. Coluzzi and forest service district foresters Mort Moesswilde and Ken Canfield will lead teams of volunteers. A brief training will be provided for those unfamiliar with the insects.

The survey will also honor National Invasive Species Awareness Week, which is Feb. 26 through March 3.

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