Iraq war based on false claims


After reading the letter (March 30) from Matthew Bray of the University of Maine at Farmington College Republicans protesting the professors’ Iraq war protest, I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps he’s a tad upset after supporting a failed president and administration in the pursuit of an unnecessary war.

This president invaded a sovereign nation after being advised against the war by half of the American citizens and most of the world. He invaded to depose “the man who tried to kill my dad” – his own words – which he now claims never to have uttered or even considered uttering.

The neoconservatives justified the invasion with many claims, now laid false; whether they knowingly lied, the falseness of the claims remains.

As for Saddam being an evil man killing his own people, Rumsfeld was meeting with him as an ally at the time the Kurds were being gassed.

The world has many regimes far more deserving of our intervention: North Korea, Mynmarr (Burma), Zimbabwe and the Sudan come immediately to mind. Oops, no oil. Only oppressed people needing freedom. My mistake.

M. David Shain, Jay