Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Travara Newman


PORTLAND — Isabelle “Izzy” Travara Newman, 5-years-old, of Norway, passed away Jan. 1, after her year long battle with cancer.

She was born in Rumford, Nov. 12, 2007, and attended pre-K at Paris Elementary School.

Isabelle, though young, touched so many lives. She had an infectious smile that made everyone’s day brighter when they saw it. She was always a happy child from the day she was born. Seemed like she was always happy and smiling. She was always thinking of everyone else and was so friendly with everyone.

Isabelle’s favorite thing to do was play outside. Whether she was at the playground, in her from yard, or at the beach she just loved being outside.

She was the most helpful child you would ever meet. No matter what others around her were doing, she just wanted to help and be involved. She especially enjoyed making supper, cooking and baking with her mommy. She loved being in the kitchen. She also liked helping do house work or any other chore or task her parents were trying to tackle.

She was only able to know her brother for 5 weeks and during those weeks she was too sick and unable to help with or thoroughly enjoy her time with him, but there is no doubt if given the chance she would have made the best big sister ever.

The one thing she was looking forward to the most was helping mommy and daddy take care of her little brother. She would always say she was going to be a big helper with her brother and teach him all kinds of things. Even when she was sick, Isabelle never stopped smiling and never stopped wanting to help others.

Isabelle’s fight started exactly one year ago to the day she died. She was taken into MMC in Portland on Jan. 1, 2012, for abdominal pain, fevers, and loss of appetite. Four days later she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. That same week she started her first round of chemo. Through the course of the year she received 8 rounds of chemo, several surgeries, one of which to remove a portion of the tumor, radiation, and stem cell recovery at which time she had to stay in the Children’s Hospital in Boston.

Through all of that, she was still able to play, laugh, smile, and look past the sickness and look forward to the future and when she would be well enough to do the things she was looking forward to.

She was such a strong person. She took the sickness and pain and never once complained. She let the doctors and nurses poke her with needles, and give meds she didn’t like, and do other things most children would cry and run from. She took it without complaining and was back to smiling and being happy shortly after. She endured more than most adults could take and still inspired others with her courage and smile.

Isabelle’s journey this year has been long, painful, and stressful to say the least, but she took it with more bravery, strength and hope than anyone else ever could. She is the perfect Angel now and looking down on everyone she loves from Heaven. She is pain free, happy, healthy, watching and waiting for the rest of her loved ones to join her someday so that everyone will once again be able to embrace her in their arms and tell her how much they love her. RIP Isabelle, you are with us every day till we meet again. You will never be forgotten.

She is survived by her mother, Jasmine Marston; father, Brian Newman of Norway; brother, Michael Newman, 5-weeks-old; grandparents, James Marston of South Paris, Donna Lebroke of Minot, Licia Newman of Norway, and Phil and Amy Newman of Jay; she also leaves behind many great-grandparents, cousins, and aunts, uncles; and her best friend, Anya. No one else could have made a better best friend for Isabelle. Anya was always by Isabelle’s side and wanting to take care of her and make her better. Anya’s caring heart reminds us of Izzy’s.

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