Israel’s successful security


In a letter captioned “One-way view” published July 5, the writer alleges certain of Israel’s actions “do nothing to promote peace.” It is easy to criticize security measures when one lives in Maine, thousands of miles from Palestinian terrorists.

The allegations are not factual. The targeted killings of terrorists and the security barrier (a fence, only 5 percent of it is a wall), have been extremely effective in reducing terrorism. In 2002, terrorists killed 456 Israelis (the equivalent of more than 18,000 Americans when populations are compared), mostly by infiltrating suicide bombers into Israel. Last year 28 Israelis were killed. Though the terrorists are still trying, the checkpoints, the security barrier, and targeted killings have disrupted the flow of suicide bombers.

The security barrier closely follows the 1949 armistice lines; only 8 percent of the “West Bank” is encompassed in it. This land is not Palestinian land. It is disputed territory. The countries which attacked Israel in 1967 have refused to sign peace treaties. International law supports Israel’s position. Israel turned over all of Sinai upon execution of a peace treaty with Egypt.

Israelis do not target innocent civilians. Palestinian suicide bombers kill innocents, including children. Palestinian terrorists shield themselves among innocent civilians. Israelis take extraordinary measures to minimize loss of innocent lives. Unlike the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who was merely guarding the Israeli border, the Palestinians held by Israel were arrested as suspects for involvement in terrorist acts.

Laurence A. Faiman, Auburn