J. Andrews: End the doomsday scenarios


I thank Marilyn Burgess for her recent letter “Gun ownership not under attack” (Sun Journal, Jan. 25).

She is correct; the NRA invites responsible Maine gun owners to treat every proposal for a reasonable restriction on firearms as the road to Armageddon.

Independent-minded Mainers usually have the common sense to reject that type of histrionic trash from outside political groups tied to big money politics. For instance, Maine voters tend to ignore those political attack ads from out-of-state political action committees with millions of corporate dollars to spend at election time.

But for some reason, Maine sportsmen and women seem especially susceptible to the siren call of the NRA.

That is because the group has become expert at scare tactics alleging some grand government conspiracy to take away firearms. It is also because the NRA has changed over the years. The group was once a trusted adviser to hunters and shooters — one that participated in the debate and ultimately supported the firearms legislation in the 1960s after several political assassinations.

Can anyone imagine that happening today?

Throwing bombs from the back benches (armed guards in schools) is not participating in the debate.

Frightening responsible gun owners with doomsday scenarios (the government taking my gun from my cold dead hands) is not participating in the debate.

Burgess is right; we are smarter than that.

Jim Andrews, Farmington