J. Berube: Will bring accountability


On Nov. 4, I will support Eric Samson for sheriff.

I have to admit, years ago, I was ignorant about the sheriff’s responsibilities within the county he serves. Since then, I became knowledgeable to who the sheriff is and what the true responsibilities need to be. I learned the daily operations of the sheriff’s office and the politics associated with the department.

The sheriff needs be a leader, and a leader who protects and serves the county as well as an example to his fellow officers.

Samson is publicly supported by the citizens and the employees of Androscoggin County. He comes with relevant experience and will bring accountability to the department as he proudly leads the county into the 21st century.

He has served on multiple councils and has worked in multiple positions within Androscoggin County.

I will be voting for Eric Samson for sheriff on Nov. 4.

Jessica Berube, Minot